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The Citadel and Virginia Military Institute Gay and Lesbian Alliance

Membership to this group is open to Citadel and VMI cadets, graduates, former students that did not graduate, MECEPS, faculty, staff, and individuals that have other Citadel or Virginia Military Institute connections. Membership may be granted to those not directly related to the Citadel or VMI on a case by case basis.

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Please fill out the contact forms on the individual chapter GALA pages through the buttons below. Please be sure to check “I’d like to Become a Member” and identify your relationship to The Citadel or Virginia Military Institute.

If you are not directly connected with The Citadel or VMI please explain your request to join in the message body.

Our Members Around the World

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*Membership to this group does not imply a member’s sexual orientation.

This group is not an official part of The Citadel Alumni Association or an official VMI Alumni Association club.

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