Kevin Scott is an assistant vice president for a major national bank corporation. He is openly gay and has been active in an employee group that worked to get a non discrimination policy and partner benefits implemented. He lives in a house with his long term companion and their dog. He’d always wanted the love, the house, and even the dog; but his career path is not the one he’d originally chosen for himself.

Since his year’s in high school in Junior ROTC and as a Civil Air Patrol cadet; he’d had the military in mind all along and intended to become a career officer. In fact, in his senior year in high school, he was Cadet Commander. His efforts earned him a provisional Army ROTC scholarship; right after high school, he entered The Citadel, South Carolina’s four year military college. He excelled. Yet, in his junior year, realizing that what he was being taught about the undesirability of homosexuals in our armed forces contradicted who he knew he was, he did not take the commission and career that had awaited him. This was in 1990, when being discovered to be gay meant a dishonorable discharge and disgrace. While no one wants to experience that, it was as well a matter of personal integrity for him to not compromise the very values of honesty he had been taught and believed in.


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